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A1 School solution is the online meeting place for educators, students and parents. A web-based software that securely archives all your student's academic activities from application to graduation and makes them easily accessible by anyone with rights to the privileged account.

Admission and Enrollment Management

Helps administration to effectively manage admission processes and verification of student applications.


Supports convenient and easy online fee payments.

Grade and Performance Management

Allows management of assessment, marking and grade reports.

Parent Forum

Streamlines commmunication between all stakeholders keeping the parents in the top of every event that occurs as well as creating a platform for parents to air their views, grievances and appraisals.

Cloud Based

You can retrieve data anytime, anywhere remotely or on location.

Hostel Management

Efficiently manages hostel administration and room allocation to students.


  • Time and Cost Management
  • Effective and error free atmosphere
  • Complete automation of all school operations
  • Secure and reliable
  • Automated promotion process
  • Paperless administrative and operational system
  • Online monitoring of ward academic performance
  • Electronic test management system
  • Manage records and disbursement of funds with ease



0-100 Users

  • Subscription Plan



101-250 Users

  • Subscription Plan
  • #29,999/TERM

  • #74,999/SESSION

  • 24/7 Support


251-500 Users

  • Subscription Plan
  • #49,999/TERM

  • #134,999/SESSION

  • 24/7 Support


501-1000 Users

  • Subscription Plan
  • #69,999/ TERM

  • #194,999 / SESSION

  • 24/7 Support

NB: Schools with more than a thousand students will be subject to custom pricing with room for negotiations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Few of the things you should know about A1School

A1School is an online solution that takes care of the actual administrative needs of schools simplifying all activities of educational institutions.
A1School has 4 different plans which are :
The Free plan which is limited to 100 users, term and session subscriptions are free.
The basic plan which consists of 101 -250 users, Subscription is 24,999 per term or 74,999 per session.
The plus plan which consists of 251 -500 users, Subscription is 49,999 per term or 134,999 per session.
The premium plan which consists of 501 -1000 users, Subscription is 69,999 per term or 164,999 per session.
However, Schools with more than 1000 users will be subject to custom pricing which is open for negotiation.
For questions regarding how to use A1School, Please visit our user manual.
A1school has a 24/7 Online chat system where client’s enquiries are being answered. We also offer periodic training sessions to clients.
No, you will not be bound to any long term contract with A1school , you can unsubscribe at any time.
At the end of an academic year, students information are rolled over to the next session as historical data are kept at a centralized location so no information is erased.
Yes, Administrators can switch between packages to accommodate a larger no of students.
Yes, you can, A1school has a free plan which is limited to 100 users.
A1school can be adopted at any time of a school session.
A1school is an online platform that simplifies all the activities of an educational institution. It can only be used online.
A1school grading format can be customized to suit clients’ needs. Consult the GRADE SETTINGS Section in the user manual.

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